Press Release Corner

  • The People & Planet Award Goes To bioDOGradable Bags

    Since all products are made in the USA, bioDOGradable has been able to provide consumers with quality-controlled pet waste bags and dispensers along with its cutting-edge composters to aid in the fight against the plastic crisis.
  • All Products Manufactured in USA

    bioDOGradable Bags of beyond GREEN, LLC. opened their US manufacturing plant in the city of Lake Forest, CA. The reason behind opening a US manufacturing plant is to provide their customers with US quality certified products.
  • North America efforts to reduce Single-Use Plastic Pollution

    Cities and Towns throughout North America are increasing their efforts to help the planet in any which way possible, and while switching to a Non-PLA, Certified Compostable Pet Waste Bags may not sound like the biggest news, it certainly makes the biggest difference.