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Ways To Raise An Eco-Friendly Kitty And Use Less Plastic

Ways To Raise An Eco-Friendly Kitty And Use Less Plastic

Emily Parker,
may 28, 2018

With more emphasis today on protecting the environment and conserving natural resources, pet owners are increasingly trying to find ways to be eco-friendly. While still wanting to keep their furry friends happy, pet parents also want to protect the environment as much as possible. 

But to do so when it comes to one's pet takes a bit of searching around, along with a strong commitment to using certain types of products. 

Fortunately, as this has become more important to pet owners, many companies have now started offering various types of eco-friendly products, ranging from cat litter and bags to feeding bowls and cat scratchers. 

If you're committed to raising an eco-friendly kitty and using far less plastic in the process, here are some great ways to do so. 

Eco-Friendly Cat Litter 

If there is one necessity of life when owning a kitty, it's cat litter. However, while for many years standard clay litter was the only choice, today's world of cat litter is far different. 

As a result, there are many types of litter on the market that are very eco-friendly, and are in fact quite popular with the kitties that use them. 

Some of the most popular "green litter” uses only biodegradable ingredients, such as cedar or pine wood shavings, corn, corrugated mixed paper, and wheat. 

Along with keeping the litter box clean and fresh the natural way, these litters do not contain silica dust, which is found in many litters and has been known to contribute to upper-respiratory ailments. 

Compostable Cat Litter Bags 

When it comes to keeping a litter box clean, every cat owner knows it takes a fair amount of grabbing the pooper scooper to get rid of the accumulated waste. However, one of the biggest problems comes in finding bags to use for the disposal process. 

While many people turn to standard plastic grocery bags, the problem with these is the bags are not biodegradable, and take up unnecessary space in landfills, never really breaking down. 

To solve this problem, many cat owners are starting to discover the benefits of using compostable cat litter bags. A great alternative to standard plastic bags, they are certified as being industrial-strength, and can hold up to 10 pounds of waste, all the while being resistant to tearing. And with their large openings and easy to hold handles, they get great reviews from kitties and their owners alike. 

Recycled Cardboard Cat Scratchers 

As anyone who has a feline as a member of their family knows, kitties love to scratch, scratch, and scratch some more. Unfortunately, many times they do so on furniture and other items that make their owners cringe. 

To keep this from happening and give their kitties a great eco-friendly alternative, many owners purchase cardboard cat scratchers made from recycled cardboard and other materials. 

While some are made in the traditional post style, others offer a mix of new and exciting designs kitties take to quite quickly. 

For example, some are made in the shape of a hammock, enabling kitties to not only use it for scratching, but also to take a nap afterwards. And if you want to give your cat the ultimate eco-friendly scratching experience, you can provide them with a cardboard kitty condo. Along with being a great hideout, the condo can also serve double-duty as a scratcher, giving kitty the best of both worlds. 

Cat Bowls 

If you use plastic bowls on a regular basis to feed your cats, you probably have kitties who have difficulty with what's known as feline acne. 

For many cats, the plastic tends to irritate the skin on their faces and chins, resulting in this skin condition. 

If you want to keep your kitty from having this problem, eco-friendly cat bowls are beginning to emerge on the market. Some of the best ones are made from 80 percent bamboo, which not only eliminates feline acne, but is also considered a good material for cats that are fed mostly raw diets. 

In addition to the bamboo being a more environmentally-friendly material, the bowls are made to be more shallow than most traditional cat bowls, which helps the kitties eat their food in an easier manner. While some owners have reported it taking a little while for their kitties to warm up to these dishes, once they do mealtime is as enjoyable as always.

Kitty Toys 

After getting in a good scratch and having a good meal, it's only natural for most kitties to enjoy some serious playtime. But rather than go to the nearest store and purchase toys that contain plastic and other materials that can in fact present certain dangers to your kitty, consider using eco-friendly kitty toys.

For many people, this involves taking small pieces of round cloth scraps, stitching them together, and then filling them up with dry catnip and organic rice. Simple, inexpensive, and eco-friendly, these toys are always a hit for your feline family member. 

Along with making your own cat toys, never underestimate the fun your kitty will have with a simple cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels or toilet tissue. Once your kitty gets its paws on these toys, just stand back and enjoy the show. 

Eco-Friendly Food 

As we've learned more about pet nutrition over the years, pet parents have started to ask for more foods that use natural ingredients. As an example, rather than feeding their kitties foods with meat by-products, owners look for foods using real meat. As a result, both wet and dry foods are now trending in this direction. 

And of course, many owners are choosing to feed their cats a raw diet, consisting of meat, chicken, and fish. While very popular with many kitties, it's always best to check with your veterinarian before starting any kind of new diet for your kitty, just to make sure everything will be fine. 

Whether you decide to try just one or all of these ideas, both you and your cat will reap numerous benefits. Not only will you be helping the environment by using less plastic, but your kitty will also find itself eating healthier, feeling refreshed, and wondering just how it got so lucky to have such a smart and caring owner.


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