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Fetch bioDOGradable Bags for Your Dog

Fetch bioDOGradable Bags for Your Dog

M.K. Clinton
June 1, 2018

One thing that we can all agree on when it comes to dogs is that poo happens! It is incredibly important that you don’t leave it on the ground. The question is how do we dispose of it without feeding the ever-growing piles of garbage at our landfills? The answer is bioDOGradable™ waste pick-up bags. The difference is obvious as soon as you see these eco-friendly bags. The traditional plastic bags will remain in our environment long after our dogs and we are gone. That is rather frightening! It is time for pet parents to stand against waste that is harmful to our planet. It’s time to put a biodegradable waste bag in our bag dispenser.

How Are bioDOGradable Waste Pick-Up Bags different?

• Made from a bioplastic compound made from non-GMO cereal flour and biodegradable polymers

• Certified USDA Biobased

• All-natural and chemical free

• Can be disposed of in anaerobic digester and composters resulting in high quality compost.

• Stronger with a higher tear resistance than plastic bags

• Big 9” x 12” bags 

• Available in 45, 90, 120 or 240 count and rolls of 60 or 250

 I always pick up the boys’ poo when we are walking and from our backyard. It feels good knowing that I\'m not contributing to the piles in landfills. bioDOGradable bags are available from their website or on Amazon. They also make cat litter bags!

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